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We present our catalog on interviews and articles. Here you can have a pleasure to read the best materials.
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Here you can have a pleasure to read articles on various topics. Literally any user on this site will find for itself something informative and new.
Each user is free can post articles on our website. When it hosted the press releases and notes should contain something interesting for visitors.
All placed in our catalogue of press releases and news are strict moderation. Moderators have the right to refuse publication if the posted article:
-needs revision;
-contains too many grammatical errors;
is not written in Russian or Ukrainian;
-written with violation of the copyright of other users;
-practically is redotext;
-not relevant to the content of website;
-is an exact copy of the article from another website;
-is too explicit nature;
-contains absolutely no new information;
-contains information abusive;
-is a meaningless set of words;
-programmatically generated;
-violates the rules of netiquette;
-contains profanity in the open or in a veiled form;
-contains unfounded criticism of any user;
is unreadable, it is written not for the people;
We hope that on this site you will find something informative and new and will become a regular reader of our portal.

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